POETRY: Valley of the Shadow of Death

It doesn’t help but haunt me
This silence echoing through the night
Because somewhere within me, deep down
It just doesn’t seem to be right.

A strange fear creeps into my mind
As I hear the movement in the street
Afraid of the darkness that would engulf
Afraid to guess which sight would greet.

It could be another curfewed night, who knows
Yet another time when they misuse their might
Some would be trapped and many mysteriously disappear
Some would lose life’s battle and many fight.

Don’t their hands tremble while killing innocents?
Don’t they pay any heed to the screams?
Are they too heartless to feel the pain?
Don’t they realise they trample over dreams?

‘She’s been widowed’, someone shouts
In the wilderness I hear
And a chill runs down my spine
‘He’s been orphaned’, another one cries there.

Your mountains have seen murders under their shadow
O my vale, they’ll speak for you.
Your waters will be witnesses true
To the blood streams they’ve seen flowing through.

My Kashmir, as I silently weep for you
I hear your ceaseless cries too
Remembering all you’ve been through
And still optimistic about a dawn new.

About Samreen Mushtaq

Samreen Mushtaq is a Staff Writer for Jamia Journal, and a PhD student in the Department of Political Science. She can be reached via email at: samreen_mushtaq[at]ymail.com

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