POETRY: I Bid Thee Goodbye

No, I don’t want to leave
This town,
These streets covered in the canopy.
Of pine and fir

Vismaiy Avasthi

And the breeze so cold which carries stories untold
Water so clear, which to all is dear.
My mom and friends here I must leave behind in the fear of another calamity,
Until I come back from the City.
O Lord of the Monastery I prithee
To look over all here,
Keep them safe and happy, and also me
The town still shakes constantly
Due to under terrain seismic activity.

No, I don’t want to leave
This town,
These streets full of old memories
Of childhood, boyhood and youth.
And the spots where jokes were cracked
Where we laughed our hearts off
Where we fell and ripped our jeans and bruised our knees
It all seems like yesterday
But no, it’s today
O Lord of the Monastery i prithee
To bring back the moments to me
Let me relive all of it on this last day,
Before I return from the City.

I bid thee Goodbye
I love you, u know
And so to you Betty
I bid thee Goodbye
I bid thee…

But no, it’s today

About Vismaiy Avasthi

Vismaiy Avasthi is a graduate student in the Department of English. He can be reached via email at: vismaiy.11[at]gmail.com

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  1. Awesome….the mesmerizing memories!

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