Jamia a Hotbed of Communalism Claims a Think Tank

A think tank by the name of South Asia Analysis Group (SAAG), with the proclaimed objective “to advance strategic analysis and contribute to the expansion of knowledge of Indian and International security and promote public understanding,” has published a research paper on Jamia Millia Islamia titled “JAMIA MILIA ISLAMIA – Its history and the current trends,” dated Dec. 27, 2011 . [Link]

In the words of the author, the research question for the paper is: “whether this centrally funded institution [JMI] is meant to spread secular education or for keeping the movement for Islamic revivalism alive?”

After rigorous research on the subject of Jamia and with citations to the most reliable sources like Wikipedia —  R. Upadhyay, the author of the paper in his conclusion claims: “Even after over six decades of India’s independence communalism has played a central role in some of the organizations [Jamia being one].”

Furthermore he states: “Both the universities [JMI and AMU] are the strategic partners in keeping the movement of Islamic revivalism alive in India.”

And if you’re not clear on what he means by that, then allow me to explain. He means to say that just like the Hindutva movement of Hindu revivalism led by the likes of RSS and VHP is a communalist movement and a danger to the secular status of India, so is the movement of Islamic revivalism of which JMI and AMU are a part.

The paper might have very little value in terms of research, but it does serve as  a good example of how biased research can be when prejudice is the driving force behind the research.

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Khalid Jaleel is a PhD student in the Department of Political Science. He can be reached via email at: khalidj [at] jamiajournal.com

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  1. I can too see the bias!!! It’s amazing to see such results out of the study done by academia.

  2. I strongly condemn such kind of research which sidelines a particular community/Institution, In a secular country like India we must spread communal harmony. We must concentrate our research to the areas or people who have became the example of secularism & communal harmony.
    I my view as student in a public school i saw more communalism. The non-muslim students used to tease us with bad words because of our Muslim identity, but i never saw this thing in Jamia & i am proud of this, In Jamia the non-muslim students were given equal respect & love from everyone.
    Jamia is always the center of communal harmony, this particular research is a negative propaganda of a negative mind who did not know the History of Jamia.


    Fahad Rahman

  3. Well… I believe that rather condemning and “highlighting” this case… we must simpy sideline it.
    Mr. R Upadhyay is a well known saffron agent and I’ve seen his articles before on the internet which are based on rhetoric rather than facts.

    And let’s be clear about one thing here… “secularism” is nither the opposite nor the replacement for “communalism”.

    Communalism is targetting a people because of their community (like religious beliefs) and secularism is a system in which the state and the church are seperate and it is essentially godless.

    Rather than being secular, people should be religious and religiously fair. Preach what you practice and do not discriminate on any basis, whether race, gender, nationality, color, religion etc. Our distinctions must be our knowledge and conduct, not our ideologies or assumed superiority.

    You could be as discriminatory by being a secular extremist…. where you would like to do away with religious symbols first, then rituals and ultimately religion itself.
    That’s not directly shooting to hunt… but it is a trap.

    Qazi Faheem Ahmed

  4. Baseer Ahmed Siddiqui

    This very low grade research paper is not worth the ink and paper it is written on. Thank God it is published as an email. If not posted on this group nobody would have even bothered to read. But now that it has been published here and a debate has been started, I couldn’t stop myself from writing on it.

    He has written it with venom coming from frustration of right wing over Jamia being declared a Minority institution, Jamia has already won a case in lower courts and hopefully soon it will get the deserving judgment in its favor. This paper is a failed attempt to divert the minds of people and create a phobia in the name of “Islamic fundamentalism” (one of the most abused term of modern days), how can one be a believer of any faith if he/she doesn’t believe its fundamentals? And I’m proud to say that fundamental of Islam are most peaceful, tolerant and are most just.

    Jamia being founded for education and betterment of Muslims in India was bargained to the government to enable it to grow with a trust that due rights and share of its stakeholders will be protected. Even today caretakers of Jamia are fighting a legal battle to get their due rights that are being denied in the name of secularism. Nothing is more just than Islamic Fundamentalism which treats every human equally on the basis of merit, when the due rights of any being irrespective of race, creed or religion are denied, injustice happens. And injustice is out of folds of Islamic Fundamentalism.

    Jamia is a tree planted with hope, protected and grown by sweat and blood of numerous vicegerents of God. It gives shadow to whoever comes under its shade without any discrimination. Percentage of non Muslim students in Jamia and their career success through Jamia is a proof of it. Even the admission form of Jamia doesn’t ask the religion of the applicant. How can it be communal?

    Let’s work hard to keep this tree flourishing for generations to come irrespective of who you are. Let’s also strive to get rid of communalism, by not doing it or being part of it. Communalism is much more dangerous than corruption. Let’s also keep our emotions in control by not doing anything unlawful.

    The research paper doesn’t deserve any more protest; in fact it is already working in favor of Jamia by uniting all its well wishers.

    Thanks for reading.
    Long live Jamia!

    Baseer Ahmed Siddiqui
    B.Tech Comp Engg ’06

  5. When a secular Professor is shown the door by Jamia, most of the
    people celebrated this “intolerance” which painted a ultra
    secular Professor as communal and RSS agent!!!

    I am seeing with interest the responses when Jamia has been
    painted communal.

    Just yesterday, I came to know that two Hindu sisters living in
    Okhla, attended Jamia Schools (middle and above) and were treated
    like unwanted in their classes for years by other
    students…painful painful painful…

    Any kind of intolerance is painful, we love it when we do it to
    others, but its eye-opening to see our illogical/hypocritical
    reaction when we ourselves face intolerance.

    Moderator Saheb once told me baat karene se kuch nahin hota, and
    he was so right. We need to open our eyes and do something
    instead of wishful thinking that all is well on our side.



    • Dear Mazin Bhai,

      Your point is valid and I have also raised the same issue earlier about the
      sacked professor. And I am also agree with you that no child should be
      discriminated. But again two wrongs do not make a right. We should condemn
      such kind of practices anywhere.



  6. Mohammad Bilal Khan


    I appreciate Mr. Mazin’s concern n we should condemn any kind of discrimination on the basis of religion/caste. I think the example of school, mentioned by him is a rare case in Jamia & I personally condemn such acts. But here he tried to compare a rare case with Mr. Upadhyay’s article, which is totally illogical.

    Mohammad Bilal Khan
    B.E.(Mech.) 2009

  7. Since his writings are projected as scholarly works and due to unavailability of his credentials, it seems Mr.Jaleel has gone through with author R.Upadhyay/SAAG’s essay on JMI, alone. Qazi Faheem Ahmed is partially right. Importantly, these ilks have a clear agenda and goals. But the irony is most of the educated Indian Muslims have no clue about themselves like who they are, what their responsibilities etc. And its not without reason that author/SAAG beats us hands down. As long we continue to be sunk in sleep we are prone to despair. Let us wake up. Atleast, its time to draw a strategical SWOT analysis based on the Divine book.

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