Jamia Left Feeling Sheepish in Court of Law

According to a report in the Indian Express titled “Prepare teachers to check cheating during exams, HC tells Jamia” dated Jan. 13, 2012 — a part-time MBA student took Jamia  to court for canceling all his exam papers after he was allegedly caught using a cheat sheet during one of his exams.

In his defense, the student claimed that the piece of paper he had on him was not a cheat sheet but some official document which — to the bewilderment of the court — he produced a photocopy of as evidence.

It turned out, the invigilators had not confiscated the piece of paper the student was alleged to have used to cheat in his exam. Since Jamia authorities could not produce in court the cheat sheet the student was alleged to have used, he was given the benefit of doubt and the court ruled in his favor.

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