Law Students Accused of Rape Expelled From Jamia

According to a Jamia press release dated Dec. 12, Jamia had expelled (they say ‘suspended’ but I think they mean expelled) the four law students who were involved in the kidnapping and gang-raping of a minor girl that was reported in the press on Dec. 5. [Link]

In response,  the accused had filed a writ petition in the Delhi High Court against Jamia, challenging the expulsion.

The statement states: “One of the accused, Sharad Shekhar Tomar, a 3rd Semester student of B.A. LL.B. along with three others had filed a writ petition (vide Case No.7745/2012) against the university and had challenged the decision to suspend them from the rolls of the university.”

But the court, presumably today, ruled against the petition and upheld Jamia’s decision to expel the students.

The release states: “Hon.’ble Justice G.S. Sistani upheld the decision of the University to suspend the students and stated that the Vice Chancellor’s decision to take disciplinary action against the students was justified.”

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  1. 5 law students not four

  2. I feel absolutely no empathy towards these monsters. Also, expulsion should be the least of their concerns. I’m hoping they get 25 to life in the can.

  3. These students should have been given the chance to sit for exams, because they are still under trial not been proven guilty. The newspapers have only given the background about these students, but that girl was missing since two months, no light has been thrown on where was she before that, and why did she come without even knowing about these guys.

  4. these students have been acquitted by the court of law and also have completed their course from Jamia now. And they have received their character certificates as well. (ppl shud know this also)

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