Campus Chat: Jamia Journal’s Upcoming Podcast

Dear Jamia Journal Readers,

I am excited to announce that Jamia Journal is gearing up  to launch a Podcast, an audio only talk show titled “Campus Chat,” in the next few days.

We at Jamia Journal have for long felt the need for a talk show through which we could talk to students on campus and get to know what they’re thinking about on issues that interest them.

For now we plan to bring a couple of students into the studio (figuratively speaking) and talk about whatever maybe the most discussed topic on campus; be it a topic specific to Jamia, Delhi, India or the world.

Aside from panel discussions, we also plan to highlight student achievements, for which we will do student profiles, in a manner similar to what we do right now in the written form. Every now and then, we will talk to a student (possibly even a faculty member) who would have an interesting story to tell us about themselves.

Format of the Show:

For now we plan to keep the duration of the show between 20 and 30-minutes. It could be longer if the situation calls for it; but we’ll try to keep it short and frequent. Speaking of frequency of the show, right now we cannot commit to a weekly schedule. Just like our articles, we’ll come out with a new episode whenever we have content. It could be once a fortnight, or twice a week; we don’t know yet.

Help Wanted:

As it was and has been the case, our readers were instrumental in making Jamia Journal a success. Your contributions in the form of submissions helped Jamia Journal achieve it’s relevance and popularity. And so will be the case with our podcast – Campus Chat.

If you’re a Jamia student and believe you or somebody you know in Jamia has a story worth listening to, then get in touch with us and tell us about it. If we like it, we will put you on the air.

Stories that might interest us can be, as I said earlier, stories of you winning an award, perhaps a memorable journey you undertook that is less traveled,  a new perspective on current affairs that might be of interest to Jamia students. The possibilities are endless. The bottom line is — if you think it is interesting enough to share with your fellow Jamia university mates, let us know.

Send us Your Suggestions

You can get in touch with us by writing a letter to the editor at: editor[at], or send us a message on facebook ( or twitter (

About Khalid Jaleel

Khalid Jaleel is a PhD student in the Department of Political Science. He can be reached via email at: khalidj [at]

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