A Modern Fairy Tale

Once upon a time
there was a dreamer
He was loved.
Love become his mirror
and made him
see himself as prince.
He never use to talk much,
Neither he was rich.

The joyful warmth of love causes me to sing,
of a self-created kingdom i am the King.*

When he was young,
His mother and father
Had faith on him.
He loved solitude.
He befriended his walls
and talked to them.
His voice had Reflection of
His Hopes
and their defeats.

Don’t tell anyone, for no one
is worthy enough, to know the secrets of your heart
it should be shared by only by your window and walls.

Life envied…
The prince solitude
and strength
His ambitious spirit
and ability to handle pain
to destroy him…
Life sent a witch called unjust fate
to take His walls away,
Embark failures in his life
and create bad spell on his senses.
Prince started becoming weak,
lost his wall
lost his will
become  almost mute.

Oh sky! Pay homage to my hopes unfulfilled,
and give me some strength
to struggle against unjust fate.

By Continuous decrease in strength,
Prince  was slowly losing
His battle against witch.
He lived on the
Years Passed
in the shadow of a tree.

The songs of hope are the only hope left.
The poems of hope are the only hope left.
People live on hope
but I’m losing my hope to live.

Then came the princesses,
with her glance
she nailed witch to the pole,
by her soft hands
she touched Prince eyes and lips
returned to him his sight and voice.
Her fragrance filled the air
which gave the prince a new life
Prince arms like two thin roads
stretched towards her.

It was in this shape that divine glory chose to
express its light;
a kind fate was allowed to bring your
beauty before my sight.

The wind was smiling silently,
while, They kissed each other.

Take me somewhere nice, where there is no one,
No one who speaks our language and to talk no one.

Despising all unjust rituals of the world
both of them lived
to the end of their time.
Sometimes Happy
Sometimes Together

[*Italics: Thematic Adaptations from The epic poetry of Mirza Ghalib.]

[Rashid Abbasi (2014) is a postgraduate student in the Nelson Mandela Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution. He can be reached via email at: rashidabbasi87[at]gmail.com]

About Rashid Abbasi

Rashid Abbasi (class of 2014) is a postgraduate student in the Nelson Mandela Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution. He can be reached via email at: rashidabbasi87[at]gmail.com

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