POETRY: Realization — During Solitary Ride in Lutyen’s Delhi

Our romance begins in winter;
Between I and the only city I know.

Empty and clean.
The never ending circles.
I realize I love the roads.
I love gazing at them.

I realize I love the sky.
Between the sky and the skies,
I wonder, how much there is to know?

Strong and Silent.
I realize I love the elegance of devil trees,
their November fragrance.
Sometimes human shapes you know?

The world of suffering has been
affected by the coldness of breeze.
The saviour has to be the source of light.
I realize I love the winter sun
and its sparkling golden glow.

A solitary ride proved not so solitary-
As the roads, the sky, the sun,
the trees and the breeze-
all had their influence upon me.

And I thought being poor
I knew nothing exquisite.

About Rashid Abbasi

Rashid Abbasi (class of 2014) is a postgraduate student in the Nelson Mandela Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution. He can be reached via email at: rashidabbasi87[at]gmail.com

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