Abdul Basith

Abdul Basith is a postgraduate student at the Center for Culture, Media and Governance. He can be reached via email at: [email protected]

POETRY: Summer Snapshots

I can’t stop stepping into pictures, other sentences of abridgment, captured moving serenity. Passing on, passing along an answer. Birth, honest life, passion, renewal. One true grade on the scale of green-grey-late-summer-blue and hints thrown in childlike tautologies. What is a corner I can squirm to: Disbelief? Suspension of intelligence? Thievery? Or sarcastic imagery? Simply thriving in fashion capitalism and ...

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POETRY: Wit’s Chemistry

[The following three poems are in the Haiku style of poetry which is a Japanese form of micro-poetry.] 1. Wit’s chemistry When wit deceives my ego’s eyes, reality and dream converge into surreal moments of fluid truth. 2. Random Funk Moody feet land on melancholy quicksand sink. The mind deeper into the blackest of black, the septic gut of depression. ...

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