POETRY: Summer Snapshots

I can’t stop stepping into pictures, other sentences of abridgment, captured moving serenity.

Passing on, passing along an answer.
Birth, honest life, passion, renewal.

One true grade on the scale of green-grey-late-summer-blue and hints thrown in childlike tautologies.

What is a corner I can squirm to: Disbelief? Suspension of intelligence? Thievery? Or sarcastic imagery?

Simply thriving in fashion capitalism and backyard alliances.
Entire rolling infinity glitter, bound & away to bonding snapshot surfaces again & again, like order or breath.

About Abdul Basith

Abdul Basith is a postgraduate student at the Center for Culture, Media and Governance. He can be reached via email at: [email protected]

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  1. keep it up………… we are proud of you…. the catalyst!!

  2. words escaping to high-pitched extravagance. aesthetic word sequence.

  3. as always seen, quest of the ‘other spirit’.
    philosophically done.
    Keep writing. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  4. God bless u………

  5. :)..as usual a mesmerizing one :) !

  6. Thanks everyone =)

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