Adfar Shah

Syed Adfar Rashid Shah is a contributing writer and a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology. He can be reached via email at: [email protected]

OPINION: The Scared Creature

It was way back in August of 2008, when I had just joined my M. Phil program at Kashmir university’s prestigious research centre called the Centre of Central Asian Studies (CCAS), that on a bright sunny afternoon at about 2 p.m., I caught a glimpse of a boy, just a few yards away from the famous Allama Iqbal library, slapping ...

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OPINION: Pride of Owning a House Knows No Bounds

Although my uncle’s house was nothing less than a big magnificent bungalow that sheltered me and my family through all our hard times, I, however, felt a desperate need for a home exclusively of our own. I used to imagine its premises, color, look, design, furnishing, bedrooms, decorations, wall hangings, windows, curtains, and what not. Often a deep sigh would ...

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OPINION: Loyalty in Marriage

Loyalty–as the devotion and faithfulness among spouses and marital life–a life of positive aspects of compatibility, adjustability, empathy and mutually satisfying create each other; and always go hand in hand together. Where loyalty gives rise to a booming, flourishing and everlasting marital life, a healthy marital life flourishes and furnishes loyalty. In fact loyalty shapes the basic essence of the ...

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OPINION: Tibetan Muslims in Exile: A Sociological Profile

Tibet is the highest country of the world and commonly known as the roof of the world, lying west of china, north of India, Nepal and Bhutan, east of Iran, south of Russia and Mongolia, situated about 16500 feet above the sea level, bearing total land area of 2,33,3125 square kilometers. Tibet is also known as the “Abode of snow,” ...

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POETRY: The Unique Beggar

It was raining almost all night Sun rose in the morning, not so bright Usually in the morning I got on the bus Nothing alright in, just fuss and fuss. Traveled half an hour, I reached To the place where I teached. Got off the bus and kept walking Solitary way and my inner mind talking. Few moments after I ...

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SOAPBOX: Writing of Old Hegemony and Young Intellect

[Editor’s Note: In an effort to provide space for all Jamia students to express themselves on any topic of their liking without being edited, we have created a section called the Soapbox. Articles under this section will be presented as is. Views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of The author bears full responsibility for its content and ...

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