POETRY: The Unique Beggar

It was raining almost all night
Sun rose in the morning, not so bright
Usually in the morning I got on the bus
Nothing alright in, just fuss and fuss.

Adfar Shah

Traveled half an hour, I reached
To the place where I teached.
Got off the bus and kept walking
Solitary way and my inner mind talking.

Few moments after I was at the bus stop.
At the onset lying a butcher’s shop
The market gradually getting crowdy now.
Hawkers setting their sell I don’t know how.

While I was observing all this.
Suddenly caught a glimpse of what I miss.
A gentleman standing with a bag but still.
I gazed at him and watched for a little.

I went off the scene for all day times.
Visiting the grades and teaching rhymes.

So perplexing on my departure was.
The gentleman’s stay there and his long pause.
Quite, calm and standing there he was.
I wondered at it and watched for the cause.

His build sound and a shining beard.
With a cheap dress and looking feared.

Meanwhile the butcher called me.
The shop for a while should I see.
As soon as the butcher went for his tea.
Instantly now I saw approaching thee
Just there now left were he and me
Narrating feebly as starved was he.

Head of his family he was, he said
Had old mother and a sister in bed
Three small kids with cheeks red.
While narrating it his tears shed.
For days together whom I can’t fed.
We starve as our grains are dead.

Now have promised them to fetch some eat.
Shall welcome dry loaf no thought of meat.
Has come today with a great expectation.
With a promise to them but my hesitation

Further he added with a pale face.
Uttered heart rending with lessening pace.
He said about his luck in flood.
His joy’s death in cold blood.

A poor weaver he was said disgracely.
Was living from hand to mouth hardly.
He further narrated a pathetic story
His life, times turn and past glory.

I helped him what ever I could
And I told to do what he should.
I conveyed to thrushers and his bag of food.
In no time gained a quantity good.

The unique beggar left with a joyful face
I realized the struggle in life s race.
I cried to the sky why this disparity?
A voice came, “it leads to clarity”

[Syed Adfar Rashid Shah is a PhD scholar in the department of sociology. He can be reached at: adfer.syed[at]gmail.com]

About Adfar Shah

Syed Adfar Rashid Shah is a contributing writer and a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology. He can be reached via email at: [email protected]

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  1. simply awesome……..

  2. A very heart-touching observation, expressed with clear and beautiful words.

  3. its really outstanding

  4. your lines are showing the bubbles of struggle
    & finally the way you have conclude it’s called spirit.

    nice expression…

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