Anjali Chhabra

Anjali Chhabra is a postgraduate student in the Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution. She can be reached via email at: anjalichhabra.91 [at]

Govt. Takes Action, Formulates Policy on How to Make a Rapist [Satire]

[Following is a satirical take on the government’s incompetence in dealing with the culture of sexual violence against women in India. This is a work of fiction.] The Indian State has come up with a never tried before path-breaking formula, what it calls a “sure-shot way to produce a rapist.” In fact, for the first time ever, there seems to ...

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Women in Border Districts of Jammu: Invisible Victims of a Larger War

Generally, women’s experiences of armed conflict are multiple, and may be classified as — vulnerable victims and associated with it is their experiences as survivors, peace-builders, and perpetrators of conflict. However, in all these contexts the effect is both negative as well as positive. Conflict may have grave implications for women while at the same time it may create new ...

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