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LIFE-e-JAMIA: Exchange Students from Germany at Jamia

March 10, 2011Khalid JaleelNo CommentsLife-e-Jamia, Lifestyle Studentspotting

On a Thursday late afternoon on campus, I spotted three foreign students sitting on a bench at the Nehru guest house lawn with books in their hands enjoying their day.

Curious to find out who they were, I simply went up to them and asked.

(L-R) Kim-Ida, Jessica and Stefanie at the Nehru guest house lawn; Thursday, March 10, 2011 (Photo: Khalid Jaleel/JJ)

It turns out, the three girls: Kim-Ida, Jessica and Stefani, are exchange students from Germany working on some project in the department of civil engineering at Jamia.

When asked, what the project was about: Kim-Ida said that they were working on some kind of 3D modeling project. She tried to explain more about the project, but it was just too technical for me to understand.

She further added that they are in India for only three weeks, out of which they will only be spending one week working on the project. Rest of the time, they’ll be traveling through India as tourists before they head back to Germany.

Not wanting to be too intrusive, I ended the interview there, and bid them a good time while at Jamia.

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