POETRY: You, Me and Our Love

I never have a dream come true,
Till the day that I found you.
Tell me what you feel, what you gonna do,
I’ll be there for you, no matter what you do.

Wajiha Khan

You are my sun, you are my moon,
You are my song, you are my tune.
If you are with me, I don’t want anyone else,
Coz you are the best thing I ever had.

You are my happiness, you are my source of light,
You are my world, you make my day bright.
I hope my everyday starts with your good morning,
& my everyday ends with your good night.

I like it when you hold my hand,
I feel protected when I’m with you.
I love it when you treat my wishes as yours,
& fulfill them, oh it’s so true.

But don’t ask me the reason why,
Coz I can’t give you an explanation, m so shy,
I don’t like when you’re sad, so let it be,
Coz in the end all that matters, is just YOU & ME.

About Wajiha Khan

Wajiha Khan (2014) is a postgraduate student in the Faculty of Education. She can be reached via email at: [email protected]

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