POETRY: Love-O-Mania Blues

My happiness is fading away,
Our relationship is turning sour.
Are the hurdles going to stay ?
Coz I don’t wanna fight anymore.

Wajiha Khan

You said, I’m never gonna leave your side,
But I can sense the distance, unspoken yet wide.
You said you love me, was it true ?
Or maybe I believed your lie, haven’t got a clue.

Everyone says move on, it’s gonna be fine,
Everything will recover, just give sometime.
Party with your friends, give it a try,
I asked why love hurts, but they don’t know why.

True feelings are thrown into bin,
Fake words are appreciated with applause.
Robbery of someone’s heart is not a crime,
I wish there must have been some law or clause.

My life is seriously messed up,
Have cried a lot, even eyes have dried up.
Tears had rolled down like a sinful rain,
That’s why there is rhyming even in my pain.

About Wajiha Khan

Wajiha Khan (2014) is a postgraduate student in the Faculty of Education. She can be reached via email at: [email protected]

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