POETRY: Eternal Love

Every second of time passing,
I’m falling in love with you.
Words fell short, for what I feel for you,
All I can say is my heart belongs to you.

Wajiha Khan

You’re the reason I breathe,
You’re my trust, within you I believe.
Time flies away when we’re together,
There’s not a single thing I don’t remember.

If I got your presence by my side,
More beautiful looks the place.
Over the lost things, don’t cry or fight,
Eventually recover, its just a phase.

In life when everything seems empty,
Don’t forget, I got you and you got me.
I promise I’ll make it up to you though,
So don’t hesitate, and never feel low.

You may go into sand-storms or hails,
I will follow you anytime, anywhere.
You make me believe in fairytales,
I wish our love will last forever.

About Wajiha Khan

Wajiha Khan (2014) is a postgraduate student in the Faculty of Education. She can be reached via email at: [email protected]

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  1. Awesome. But who is your ‘YOU’? lol

  2. Very good story of the heart. It had impressed me. I have also written some articles on jamiajournal, if u wish you can follow them..

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