How to Get Something Published on Jamia Journal

We here at Jamia Journal tend to think everybody by now knows how to get something published on our website. But since we still keep getting asked this same question over and over again, it is apparent we need to restate the process every now and then.

So here it goes.

First off, let me just tell you, getting something published on Jamia Journal is extremely easy; especially if you’re a student of Jamia. I am going to break down the process into easy to follow steps.

Scenario No. 1: You are organizing an event in your faculty, department or Centre and you would like to publicize it on Jamia Journal.

Step 1: Write a short description of the event you like to promote on Jamia Journal. Just try to get the basics down. Every event announcement provides the answer to the three Ws: What, Where, When, and sometimes even Why. Try to get all the relevant information in.

Step 2: Take this information and either email it to us at editor[@] or inbox us on facebook. And if you have some promotional material in the form of a poster, photo, or video, then attach that material with your email or message.

And that’s it! Once we receive it, we’ll send you an acknowledgement and then publish it in the first opportunity we get.

Scenario No. 2: An event has already taken place and you would like to get a report or photos of the event published.

Step No. 1: Write a short description of the event you like to get published in the form of a news report if possible. Just try to get the basics down. Every news item answers the four Ws and an H: What, Where, When, Why and How. Try to get all the relevant information in. Sometimes you can get all the relevant information in a couple of lines. Refer to this example: Law Students Win Big at the 3rd RGNUL National Moot Court Competition.

Step No. 2: Select a few photographs that hopefully you remembered to take during the event. These photos should support whatever you wrote in your report.  If the event you’re reporting on was a speaking event, then the most important photo is of the speaker. A report without a photo will most likely get rejected. So make sure you have some photos to go along with your report. And if the event is a department festival/party or something like it, then pictures of the performances and activities done on stage are important.

Step No. 3: Take your report, preferably in a word document, and your photos, and attach them to your email, and send it to us at [email protected]. We prefer reports and photos on email and not on facebook. But if that is the only way for you to send us things, then go ahead send it on facebook.

Step No. 4: Make sure that in your email, you provide captions to your photos that describe what is going on in the photograph. People who did not attend the event will not understand what they are looking at in the picture. Also mention who gets the credit for the photos. If you would like the credit to go to your department or some organization like your subject association, then you can simply give us the name of the department or organization.

Step No. 5: Make sure in your email you mention your full name and the course you are enrolled in at Jamia. If the report is to be published in your name, then we also expect a profile picture of you to go along with the report.

And that’s it! Just press send.

Once we receive your email, we will send you an acknowledgement email. So you’ll know we’ve received it and we’ll tell you when you can expect it to be published.

Scenario No. 3: You wish to express an opinion on some subject or topic and get it published on Jamia Journal.

Step No. 1: Before you decide to sit down and write your opinion, ask yourself, how interesting or relevant will this be to the students of Jamia. If you think it’ll be fairly interesting and relevant, then go ahead and write it. Or what you could do is, tell us what you wish to write on beforehand, and get a go ahead from us. This way, you’ll be sure your time and energy will not go to waste, in the off chance we didn’t think it was interesting enough and reject it. Once you’re done writing your piece, simply email it to us at [email protected]. We will send you an acknowledgement stating whether we will publish it or not.

Caveat: Opinion piece on your topic of choice is only accepted from currently enrolled students of Jamia. Everybody else: alumni, teachers, staff or whoever, can only get their opinion pieces on Jamia-related topics considered for publication.

Those are the only three scenarios we can think of right now. If there are any other, then simply write to us and ask.

About Khalid Jaleel

Khalid Jaleel is a PhD student in the Department of Political Science. He can be reached via email at: khalidj [at]

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