Aisha Abbas

Aisha Abbas is a graduate student in the Department of English. She can be reached via email: [email protected]

POETRY: I am the Girl of 21st Century

Yes, I am a girl of the 21st century, Filled with ultimate humor and mystery! Nobody cares how rubbish and prankish I get, They love me always as if I am their pet! Sensible, attitude, bold, compassionate are just so little to the description, Because there is no sufficient words for this attribution! The world of adventures and dark fantasy ...

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POETRY: The Realization

“O God!” is what my mouth involuntarily made the formation, When a vexed disaster had hit my intuition! Enigmatic, unexpected, dangerous yet worthwhile, The mysterious incident made the day till the end of my life! Winnowing away from my face the fear, cowardice and follies, It glided me into the world full of prosperities and purities! Amplifying me the fact ...

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