POETRY: The Realization

“O God!” is what my mouth involuntarily made the formation,
When a vexed disaster had hit my intuition!

Enigmatic, unexpected, dangerous yet worthwhile,
The mysterious incident made the day till the end of my life!

Winnowing away from my face the fear, cowardice and follies,
It glided me into the world full of prosperities and purities!

Amplifying me the fact that one who stand for rights indeed gets chastised,
But later, the whole universe comes under his feet and is idolized!

The wrath of the Lord has soared up by seeing the enhancing cruelties of his creatures,
Enough for making Him to end what He had once created for the sake of us!

Yet His love, grace, unshakable trust, unfathomable mercies and generosities,
Has led Him to provide another opportunity to His devotees!

But men have become so ecstatic and selfish in their mortal thoughts and lives,
That only a poignant incident can shake them from “Lord-Forgotten” lives!

So My Dear! Come to the sense, face the reality, challenge the devils,
I am just a realization in form of an accident that has come to erase the evils!

Give up your insanity and whimsy and kneel down before the Almighty whole heartedly
Ask for forgiveness for what wrong you have done and spread this experience world-widely!

About Aisha Abbas

Aisha Abbas is a graduate student in the Department of English. She can be reached via email: [email protected]

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  1. wonderful poem by a wonderful poet must say!!! n inshallha v shall all ask fr d forgiveness frm d most merciful n hope to succeed in it ameen! :)

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