POETRY: I am the Girl of 21st Century

Yes, I am a girl of the 21st century,
Filled with ultimate humor and mystery!

Nobody cares how rubbish and prankish I get,
They love me always as if I am their pet!

Sensible, attitude, bold, compassionate are just so little to the description,
Because there is no sufficient words for this attribution!

The world of adventures and dark fantasy has always enchanted me,
The whimsies I create after watching every Gothic, Narnia and Barbie!

Dracula and vampires have always been my crush and credibility,
Making me look naïve, people laughing at my stupidity!

Sometimes nature too gets flirty and childish,
Playing with me the game of star-shooting tennis!

Seeing this, life too doesn’t want to be gloomy and innocent,
It takes me on a roller-coaster ride whenever my mood depends!

To hug scolding has become a mere daily-routine of my life,
No parents ever letting their child go on a “Mills and Boon” ride!

The selfish thoughts I adopt whenever I view a Love Story,
Considering the Heroine to be me and the Hero, the boy of my fantasy!

Last but not least:
Oh Boys! Don’t laugh after going through this masterpiece,
As for girls, there is no need to hide your smiles!

We are the Girls of the 21st century,
Filled with ultimate humor and mystery!

About Aisha Abbas

Aisha Abbas is a graduate student in the Department of English. She can be reached via email: [email protected]

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