Do We Need Moral Policing?

Moral Policing

We entered the 21st century some 14 years ago and we proudly say that we are civilized, however, are we really civilized? We admire the magnificent erotic statues of Khajurao, and we religiously follow the advice of Saint Vatsyayana in his famous sex manual “Kama Sutra” however we become infuriated if we see two individuals loving each other in public. ...

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Resist the Shrinking of Democratic Spaces on Campus: Students of TISS

Student Democracy

[In solidarity with the concerned Students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Jamia Journal republishes this guest post via] Universities are thought to be just, equal and free spaces. However the history of access to universities for certain sections of the society is not very old. Discrimination has been institutionalized and structurally carried out on the basis of caste, ...

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Tragedy that is Suicide

Suicide Prevention

The news of Jamia student, Bharat Nagpal’s suicide a couple of months ago, was so unexpected and so hard to believe that people thought it was false in the beginning; it was only later it turned out to be true. The news had left everyone shocked, for something like this was unheard of in the Jamia community. He was too young ...

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Scorecard: Politics of Love – 1; Politics of Hate – 0

Communal Tensions  starting from Uttar Pradesh  via Haryana And Maharashtra have reached Delhi, making a brief stay at Trilokpuri then  teetering  to the other areas of capital, like Bawana and now Okhla. During the wee hours of Wednesday morning, when the imam of a mosque in JJ colony, Madanpur Khadar of Okhla region, opened it for morning prayers, a slaughtered ...

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Is Loyalty a Virtue?

— By: Farah Khalid Loyalty is defined as having complete and constant support for someone or something. We, as college students come across various situations where we have a categorical participation. Often we have mass bunks, protests and other group activities. Is supporting or being unconditionally loyal to such groups really a virtue? Loyalty towards one’s friends and family can ...

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Being an Outsider

My friend Zahid, a Kashmiri Muslim, once narrated his ordeal to me, one that has been etched deep into his mind. It was about him getting into a verbal duel with his friend Akash, a Hindu Delhiite. Specifying identity in this narrow order must have sounded weird to you but by the end of the story, you will understand my ...

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Tribute to My Teachers

Teachers Shalini and Rishikesh

Teachers are the hands that guide you to the path of education and pluck every thorn off that uncertain path. Teachers are the friends who give you wiser advices and understand you the most. Teachers are the parents who make you walk the second step of life. Teachers are the books that enlighten you. Teachers are the lights that shine ...

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Is Jamia Secular?

Only few years back, Jamia Millia Islamia got the status of a minority institution with 50% reservation for Muslims – a religious minority in the country. One can possibly see innumerable discussions, formal as well as informal, that encircle religion and its understanding in and about this university. Jamia is perceived to be an Islamic institution broadly at the outset ...

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Was Prime Minister Modi Ever Secular?

Narendra Modi’s tenure as Prime Minister has been marked by numerous instances of anti-minority prejudice. With communal trouble increasing in the country exponentially with places like Moradabad and Saharanpur on the boil, the right wing brigade of the Sangh Parivar too has contributed in soaring the communal atmosphere with other instances of goondaism as witnessed during the murder of a ...

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