The Other-land

Gulistan-e-Ghalib - Kamran Akhtar - Sept 2014 - Jamia Journal

If there is one thing that going to the Mass Communication Research Centre at Jamia Millia Islamia taught me, it was to take myself seriously. There was no choice. Everybody else did. To reach MCRC, one had to enter one of Delhi’s great Muslim ghettos. Yes, of course it is politically incorrect to call it that, but it is really ...

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Guilty in the Court of Collective Conscience

Waking up on the morning of Saturday, 9th February, a nightmare came true. A call from home made my smiling mood turn into one where I couldn’t hold back my tears. Afzal Guru had been hanged. It just didn’t seem right. My mind, my thoughts were a mess. I couldn’t think coherently. I repeatedly kept uttering, ‘how could they do ...

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Justice and Judgement

In the Mahabharat, Vidur, at the time of declaring the Yuvraj, asked both Yudhisthir and Duryodhan to prove themselves worthy of being the next king by meting out justice on a case of murder that had four men accused of committing the crime. Duryodhan’s position was for the death sentence to be given to all the accused, without consideration of ...

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Twilight at Jamia

It is rather unfortunate that the title of this piece may serve to remind readers of a certain series of novels and films centred on vampires and werewolves and their very intimate escapades. But wining the heart of an obdurately poker-faced woman was never easy now, was it? I am at the tail end of my academic programme here at ...

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Quoting Ashish Nandy Out of Context

Every year most of us come to know about the Jaipur Literature Festival when a controversy arises. For instance, last year the Salman Rushdie issue was all over the news. This time, Ashish Nandy’s controversial comments on OBCs, SCs and STs  informed many of us that again a literature festival is going on in Jaipur. People are out on the ...

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Three Suggestions for Jamia to Consider

Podcast Jamia has earned a unique place in academics and research not only because of regular in-class exercises but activities such as conferences, seminars, lectures, panel discussions, cultural programs etc. Each year, we come across several of these, but barring rare instances of appropriate media coverage, only we are the ones who know about it; only we are lucky to ...

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